I am currently a Philosophy Phd student at Indiana University, Bloomington. I graduated from Brandeis University magna cum laude in 2012, where I majored in Philosophy and minored in French and Politics. After working full-time as a higher education administrator at Emerson College and Harvard University, I returned to school, receiving my MA in Philosophy from Tufts University in 2016. At IU Bloomington I have continued my studies in philosophy while working towards a Phd minor in Higher Education and Student Affairs. My research interests in philosophy lie at the intersection of epistemology, logic, and philosophy of language, and my studies in higher education focus on curriculum development and pedagogy.

Curriculum Vitae


Savannah Pearlman



Indiana University, Bloomington, IN  — Expected May 2022 PhD Philosophy

  • Concentration in Metaphysics, Epistemology and Logic
  • Graduate minor in Higher Education and Student Affairs

Tufts University, Medford, MA — May 2016, M.A. Philosophy       

  • Epistemology Area of Strength Exam Passed Fall 2014

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA — May 2012, B.A. Philosophy, French and Politics Minors

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.77; Major GPA: 3.81
  • Dean’s List, all semesters
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude with High Honors in Philosophy

Teaching Assistantships

Tufts Philosophy Department: Mind & Language with Daniel Dennett, Spring 2016

  • Grade all exams, problem sets and papers for 47 students; lead discussion sections during the professor’s occasional absence

Tufts Philosophy Department: Feminist Philosophy with Nancy Bauer, Fall 2015

  • Hold weekly office hours for 62 students; Grade all written assignments and moderate the online forum

Tufts Philosophy Department: Logic with Susan Russinoff, Spring 2015

  • Hold weekly office hours for 72 students; Serve as a grader for exams and problem sets


Scholarship Awards

  • Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Fellowship, awarded Fall 2016
  • Indiana University Nelson Fellowship, awarded Fall 2016
  • Tufts University Philosophy Tuition Scholarship, awarded Fall 2014


  • APA Diversity and Inclusiveness Grant
  • Awarded in May 2017 to facilitate a workshop on inclusive pedagogy in philosophy


  • Winner of the Cariana Prize for best undergraduate philosophical essay, awarded by Brandeis University in Spring 2012

Departmental Service

Indiana University Graduate Association of Students in Philosophy     August 2016 – 2017    Climate Liaison

  • Responsible for bringing general graduate concerns regarding climate to the attention of the climate committee, being familiar with university policies (such as title IX), offices (such as the Office of Affirmative Action) and other diversity initiatives
  • Serve as the point person for specific climate issues among graduate students, so as to direct student concerns to the appropriate channel

Brandeis University Philosophy Department                                            April 2010 – May 2012    Undergraduate Department Representative  

  • Appointed as a resource to fellow majors and minors; execute department programs and events
  • Developed an honors track that was implemented by the department in Fall 2011

Graduate Coursework

Epistemology and Metaphysics

  • External World Skepticism with Adam Leite, Indiana University
  • Epistemology with Patrick Forber, Tufts University
  • Metaphysics with Brian Epstein, Tufts University
  • Independent Study in Epistemology with Jody Azzouni, Tufts University
  • Graduate Writing Seminar with David Denby and Avner Baz, Tufts University
  • Graduate Seminar in Epistemology with Berislav Marusic, Brandeis University


  • Mathematical Logic with Larry Moss, Indiana University
  • Theory of Logic with Gary Ebbs, Indiana University
  • Logic with George Smith, Tufts University

 Value Theory

  • Philosophy of Law with Erin Kelly, Tufts University
  • Slavery: It’s Moral History with George Smith and Lionel McPherson, Tufts University

 History of Philosophy

  • History of Analytic Philosophy with David Denby, Tufts University
  • History of Modern Philosophy with Christiana Olfert, Tufts University

 Philosophy of Mind

  • Proseminar with Kirk Ludwig, Indiana University
  • Evolving Minds: Bacteria to Bach with Dan Dennett, Tufts University

 Philosophy of Language

  • Philosophy of Language with Dilip Ninan, Tufts University

 Higher Education and Student Affairs

  • Higher Ed Organization & Administration with Sam Museum, Indiana University
  • College Teaching and Learning with Joan Middendorf, Indiana University
  • Curriculum in Higher Education with Tom Laird, Indiana University

Conference Presentations

Gordon College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference                                              April 2011

  • Presented a paper, “The Interpreter and The Center of Narrative Gravity”

Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference                                           April 2011

  • Presented a paper, “Sartrean Freedom: Irreconcilable and Inconsistent”

 Salem State Undergraduate Philosophy Conference                                                March 2010

  • Presented a paper, “Peter Singer’s Ultimatum”