I have been teaching college-level philosophy courses since 2015.

At Tufts, I began as a Teaching Assistant for Nancy Bauer (Feminist Philosophy) and Dan Dennett (Philosophy of Mind). At IU, I have taught sections as an Associate Instructor in a variety of courses, ranging from Ethics to Logic. As a tutorial leader for Philosophical Writing and Method, I enjoyed working closely with students to develop their ability to express fine distinctions and communicate their views clearly and precisely.

After completing my Certificate in College Pedagogy from IU in 2019, I designed and taught my own curriculum for a course on the Philosophy of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Spring of 2020. This course began with in-person instruction, and quickly transitioned to an online format due to the pandemic.

In July, 2021 I began a three-year term on the APA Committee on the Teaching of Philosophy, which organizes the Teaching Hub and APA sessions on pedagogy.

I am currently teaching an Applied Ethics course of forty students, which I developed from scratch to include units on Digital Ethics and Philosophy of Philanthropy.

I am also TESOL certified (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Between 2016 and 2020, I taught English as a foreign language to English-language learners. Having taught more than 850 online classes with more than 280 student, I learned to adjust my teaching style to individual students and to facilitate online classroom management.

Courses I am Prepared to Teach

Introductory Courses: Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Ethics, Critical Thinking, Intro to Symbolic Logic

Intermediate or Advanced Courses: Applied Ethics,Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, (alternatively, one course on Philosophy of Race, Gender, and Sexuality), Special Topics: AI and Digital Ethics, Moral Theories and their Critics, Intro to Philosophy and Art, Topics in Epistemology: Social Epistemology

Courses I am Interested in Developing: Normative Epistemology: Seminar on Epistemic Injustice and the Ethics of Belief, Gendering AI: From Watson to Alexa, Philosophy and Protest: Contemporary Social Movements, Solidarity or Charity: Philosophy of Philanthropy, Philosophy of Sex and Love